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  Blue Rendezvous The Frank Sinatra Story (2008)   

  Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash: The Road Show (2006)   

  Thin Lizzy: Outlawed - The Real Phil Lynott (2006)   

  Alien Autopsy (2006)  The Movie (Exec producer)

  Dean Martin: A Reflection (2006)   

  Jimi Hendrix: Feedback (2005)   

  Frank Sinatra: A Reflection (2005)   

  Johnny Cash: The Man in Black - His Early Years (2005)   

  Gene Vincent Be Bop  

  Marc Bolan: Ride On (2005)   

  Viva Joe Strummer: The Clash and Beyond (2005)   

  Nat King Cole: For Sentimental Reasons (2005)   

  Elvis: The Last 24 Hours (2005)   

  Benny Goodman: Legends in Concert - The Last Performance (2004)   

  Bob Marley: Spiritual Journey (2004)    

  Jimi Hendrix: The Last 24 Hours (2004)   

  Elvis: The Journey (2003)   

  Alien Sign: The Message (2003)   

  Irish Tenor Trio: A Classic Irish Christmas (2002)   

  George Harrison: The Quiet One (2002)   

  Beckham Mania: The Kick Off (2002)   

  John Lennon: The Messenger (2002)   

  Bruce Lee: The Legend Lives On (2002)   

  Beatles: Big Beat Box (2001)   

  Elvis: The Missing Years (2001)   

  Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?)(1995)  

  Alan Shearer: Sheer Magic (1995)   

  The Doctors, 30 Years of Time Travel and Beyond (1995)   

  Batmad (1995)   

  The Life of Bruce Lee (1995)   
... aka Bruce Lee - Martial Arts Master (UK)