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Orbital Media A.G., is a content rights management company based at Marylebone London founded in 1995 . The group acquired Legend World Music LLC in October 2003 together with its catalogue of some 12,500 music tracks from the 50's through to the 80's. During our brief history Orbital has successfully acquired many other audio/visual rights. These include the digital rights to various music catalogues catalogue, the Plan B and Master Rights library. Other in perpetuity catalogue acquisitions include the Gold Arrow and 50's rock music catalogues.

Orbital also represents various third party catalogue of over 1200 hours of new age music. Orbital has full studio facilities and has produced a catalogue of instrumentals, sound a-likes and chart covers, these catalogues are being widely exploited in the emerging digital download market and are supplied to the film and promotions industry

We focus on the exploitation of audio and visual copyrights through all routes to market as a B2B supplier. We do not have our own download store direct to consumers but prefer to work with established third parties as a content supplier. Our customers are at the forefront of downloading, ring tones, newspaper cover-mounts, off the page selling, mail order, film, radio, TV and advertising agencies for all synchronization usages. Orbital also provides its material for release on CD and DVD by record labels for full album, music DVD and compilation release.

Our company is on a "buy & build" route and is always interested in acquiring more content

Music Synchronization and Media Services

Working with leading marketing companies and brands we have established a reputation for providing a complete solution for media content and service needs.
Orbital is comprised of media experts and professionals who have a depth of knowledge which comes from many years of working with major artists, record companies, film studios and marketing organizations
Our team is able to work with a client on all aspects of a campaign, Whether it is the supply of content from our own libraries or the acquisition and clearance of third party content. We have full studio facilities both in London and Los Angeles and can react quickly to any bespoke requirement
Orbital is able to offer :

Music, image and film content also production, voice over and scripting


In the current environment traditional marketing is unlikely to succeed. Companies now need to market their products creatively, they need to be able to shout above the noise of their competitors and product placement within a film or celebrity endorsement can often provide the answer

Orbital is able to offer :-

Product Placement in films and television ,celebrity endorsement and marketing solutions

Our direct response team specialize using all digital platforms including television to provide clients with an integrated, multi-channel direct response media buying strategy.

We integrate all the key mediums that comprises an effective direct response media buy, including DRTV - direct response television, online, print and radio; to ensure the success of the client's direct response media campaign.

Our staff works closely with our clients, guiding them through all stages of the media buying process, from drtv media testing and analysis, through roll-out.

Direct response television - DRTV is an excellent vehicle for marketers to utilize for selling product and services directly to consumers. Direct response TV has proven to be an effective marketing channel for both Fortune 1000 companies as well as entrepreneurs.

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Fax: +44 207 723 4746